Our business

GFiSE Inc. was established in 2012.

GFiSEn’s mission is to provide consulting, investment, finance, and related business services to individuals and firms based on values such as competency, reliability, and efficacy. In addition, we are set to contribute to the development of business ideas into real enterprises.

 Our mission: 

·    Business partner matchmaking services (both for foreign and West African companies)

·    Business support by providing fast and accurate business and market information

·    Company and brand representation

·    Management, Finance, and investment consultancy

·    Competency, reliability, and efficacy” project management services

 We offer complex business solutions to our partners, mainly to small and medium size companies, coaching them to reach their goals with success, in compliance with the terms of the rapidly changing business climate.

In a close cooperation with our clients, we work out possible business plans, way-outs, and build up strategies. We take part in coordinating issues aiming to reach and maintain stable market potentials.

In the frame of “Competency, Reliability, and Efficacy” project management services we can provide supplementary managerial capacities for extra needs of emergency or for special tasks requiring professional skills.

   We tailor our work to our clients’ needs.

    We are your partners!

     We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our firm.

      Yours sincerely,

          The Management

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