Portfolio Clients

1. Mr Assane Joe & DIA: Integrated Project Development fattening Bovine. Cost 2.5 billion CFA francs;

2. Mr Ibrahima BA Chartered Accountant: Feasibility study for the construction of 5,000 houses Gabon. Cost 60 billion CFA Francs;

3. Mr Ibrahima BA: Proposed establishment of a cement plant in Senegal and Mali

4. Mr Magate DIOP: Proposed installation of a water purification plant and water sachets packing in Mali SOFAROISE WATERS;

5. Compagnie Africaine d'Etudes Foundation and Construction'''' CAFEC: Draft technical capacity of the company, cost 185,000 euro;

6. Mr Bocar WADE: Creation of a shopping center in MBOUR. Cost $ 4 billion.

7. Ms. MBAYE Spain: Marketing potato fries. Cost CFAF 45 million;

8. Mr Cheikh Gueye Italy: Project Creating a Real Estate Brokerage Firm: cost 10 million

9. Union and GIE groupings Women Keur Massar: Project Micro Savonnerie.

10. Union Nationals Kolda: Creation of a Production Unit in KOLDA Curd;

11. Islamic Institution for Orphans Senegal: Capacity Building Program for students and teachers. Cost 10 million CFA francs;

12. Islamic Organization for Education and Culture OIEC: poultry project (raising broiler chickens and eggs) cost 15 million CFA francs;

13. Mame Thiam Abibou: Proposed purchase of a Bakery, cost: 45 million F;

14. IMCO: Mr. Cheikh Gueye Italy: creating a General Journal and Real Estate;

15. Bintou BA Grand Dakar: Creation of a Hairdresser: 3,000,000 CFA francs

16. Ms. Yacine FALL FALL Lobatt City. Marketing project imported cosmetics and clothing of Morocco;

17. Mrs. Adama Ndiaye Marketing Project tissues THIOUB & GANILA Mali;

18. Young Fashion Designers Association of the Suburbs: project to create a garment factory;

19. Mr Babacar Dieng. Project to create a restaurant on the platform DIAMNIADIO cost 115 million;

20. Mr Assane DIOUKHANE International Consultant and Mrs. Fabienne Diouf daughter of Mr Abdou Diouf. Project of creating a production plant Production of Livestock and Poultry Foods.

21. Mr Angel Lopez CEDRES Spain. Implementation project in Senegal of a company specializing in the mural.

22. Ms. Yacine Ndèye FALL: Project to install a sheller and a laundress rice;

23. Touba Ice: Project to implement a factory manufactures ice and food industry: cost $ 100 million;

24. Mr Ndiaye Madické National Karate Coach. Project to establish a training room for martial arts;

25. Mr Gueye Mouhamadou City Customs. Project of creating a company formwork and scaffolding;

26. Mr Mamadou BAME. Project to produce dried fish called'' esse'' on the Gambia River.

27. GIE'' Students'' Mr Mamadou Ndiaye Visions President, Project gardener Fouta

28. Rassoul Construction Senegal S.A. Project construction 150 Housing Units in Zac Mbao. www.rassoulconstructionsn.com
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