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Management Services

Management Consulting Services


Management Consulting Services are focusing to the following areas:

         Complex survey of the financial status and structure             of the organization

         Assessment of the Competitors, positioning

         Set up sales strategy

         Definition the range of potential customers and                 distribution channels

         Set up action plans

         Change and project management

         Analysis, reviews, design, tools, implementation, measures, execution,


         Business Plan, cash-flow management

         Definition of competencies at all levels

         Working out Bylaws /organizational and operational rules and regulation

         Set up methods and order of monitoring, reporting and controlling

            Interim management services *

            Mentoring **

            Coaching ***

         *   Interim management services: Interim management is a management tool, which provides supplementary managerial resources for special needs and tasks. A professional manager with exceptional experience is integrated from outside for a fixed term of time. Typical case, when a sudden or unexpected shortfall in skills and experience is occurred for solving special problems or very important projects.


        An Interim manager:

        Takes operational responsibility for the company or the project,

        Takes the role of an operative manager, who manages the day-to day matters,

        Makes complex analyses, determines new objectives

        A change manager, who initiates, realizes and controls the necessary changes within the                 organization

        Prepares and carries out the work plan

        Has professional skills to solve “bottleneck” problems


    ** Mentoring: We provide a continuous background professional support to our partners even in for daily     operational matters and/or for issues of high importance.


    *** Coaching: We coach our partners, – especially companies that are unfamiliar with doing business in         Africa – in issues of high importance and also in daily operation matters.